Ah, America. The country of many fat people trying to make a profit sueing other fat people, including their families. The country where violence and gore is okay, but boobs are bad. The country where the inhabitants need written instructions for things like "do not iron clothes while worn on (fat) body" or "do not… » 4/08/12 3:29pm 4/08/12 3:29pm

Handling looks way off, all arcadey and unable to weer off track. I don't know if RWB's have 4 wheel drive and autopilot to help you staying on the road when powersliding and you can't slide like that with a RWD by just tapping the brake - but it sure looks like it here - and I can also see the rubberbandeffect. The… » 10/18/11 4:48am 10/18/11 4:48am

This EULA was written to prevent a few greedy slobs enriching themselves at the expense of many others. Good move by Sony and the people that starts hating on Sony because of this are also supporting a legal system where it's allright to sue everyone and their neighbour for easy cash. » 9/22/11 11:48am 9/22/11 11:48am